ARVAplant is an italian GNSS system dedicated to professionals of fruit planting. ARVAplant can be configured to control many types of machinery included post driver machines.

ARVAplant is an integrated system for planting orchards.
It is composed of a fully rugged aluminum pc that integrates a centimeter-centric GNSS receiver and a 400-470 MHz UHF radio. Many ARVAplant fittings are available, which allow it to control post driver machines, transplanters, levels and excavators.

When applied to a 5 axis post driver the specific kit consists in the entire electrical system, a proportional joystick, a control unit (ecu), and a system for managing the planting depth.

ARVAplant for post drivers is composed by:
– ARVApc with integrated dual-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS receiver and 400-470 MHz UHF radio.
– Proportional joystick for precision management of the machine even in manual mode
– Control unit
– Inclinometer with 0.1 ° precision
– ARVAbase, GNSS mobile base station (optional)

ARVApali: work faster with more precision

With ARVAplant for post drivers the classic working method that involves manual staking is changed.

All you need is to set up directly in field two reference points to create an alignment, then set the correct layout on the PC. ARVAplant will do the squaring work for you instantly.

Now you will only have to start planting the poles directly, in the order you prefer. With ARVAplant you can reach the incredible number of 1500/1800 planted poles/day without any previous work.

Principali caratteristiche:
+ 30/40% work speed
+/- 1 cm precision
No squaring operation needed
Automatic pole level
Proportional Joystick included
GNSS system predisposed for transplanter control

ARVAplant for planting machines

ARVAplant is the made in Italy GNSS system that can control any kind of transplanting machine for perfect results.


ARVAplant mobile

ARVAplant mobile it’s a GNSS kit developed for manual stakeout or survey. We can provide it with multiple screen dimensions and software.



ARVAlevel is a GNSS kit that gives you capabilities of in field projecting of your levelling.


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